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10 Thing u should learn from Market

1. “There is no such thing as easy money” trading-floor

This is so true, in the markets, in everything. Those who happen upon money where it DID come to them easily, it seems, as a witness, have had it very fleetingly. In my own case, although I am supremely confident in the profitabliity of what I am doing, in practically any market, in virtually any “regime,” doesn’t mean it’s easy. It works like clockwork and is incredibly painful and distressing. It would be so much easier to simply sell buckets of blood.”

2. It’s bad to try to make money the same way several days in a row

3. Markets that have little liquidity are almost impossible to profit from.

4. When the stock market is way down, policy makers take notice and do what they can to remedy the situation.

5. The market puts infinitely more emphasis on ephemeral announcements that it should.

6. It is good to go against the trend followers after they have become committed.

7. One should not make one’s analysis more precise than one’s actual trading could ever possibly be.

If the rational mind has not determined the parameters of a trade, then upon execution, the lizard brain will decide.

9. Never go on vacation with open trading positions.

10.  All higher forms of math and statistics are useless in uncovering regularities.