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28 questions that every trader should answer honestly…

Do you know your Art of Trading28-QUESTIONS

Do you  have a trading plan

Do you think in terms of probabilities

Do you know which time frame fits your psychology

Do you cut your losses

Do you define your Risk

Do you add to your losing Position

Do you over trade

Do you let your profit run

Do you keep a record and review them

Do you add to your winners

Do you use mutliple time frames

Do you know your profit objective

Do you second guess your winners

Do you know the limits of your analysis

Do you trend with the trend

Do you have effective money management

Do you know your Ratios

Do you know when to take break

Do you  Trade the News

Do you take others  idea to affect your trading decisions

Do you Withdraw Equity Regularly

Are you  a Contrarian

Do you know all Markets Are Bearish

Do you  Buy/Sell 50% Retracements

The Only Indicator You Need

Do you study Winning Traders

Are you a Student of Yourself