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3 Trading Truth about Trading Market

TRUTHLINKSHumility:  We are in a business with change.  I have never met a person who has been successful at anything who thought they had it all figured out.  Yes, celebrate and enjoy but tomorrow you start over at the beginning.  Celebrate later and not until the play is over.

Perspective: Trading is emotional.  Eliminating the highs and lows is important because it takes out so much energy.  Yes it would have been cool to dive into the end zone but I would have had to pick myself off the ground and had to be on the extra point team the next play. The low is never as low or the high is never as high as it is in reality, generally.  Having perspective is how it all evens out.

Preparation:  When asked why athletes make better traders I always respond because they are willing to work long hours for the few times when it all lines up.  For football, you train 6 months the play a season.  You have 12 games.  You spend 4 days preparing, 1 day playing, 1 day reevaluating, and 1 day resting.  We prepare for those times and we always are waiting for the next time.  One trade can make your day, one week can make your month, one month can make your year, one year can make your career.

When I see people cheerleading a winning trade I think to myself have they never been here before and do they understand that….


You either get to go out on your terms or they lock you out of the building.

Never forget it is about the money.  Understand the goal.